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Beni ouarain 3

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The very wanted Beni ouarain is available in a lot of variants. The berber rug is  espacially known for having black stripes with a white surface .We pick them out during traveling around. During this buying trips we look for rugs with a thick density. The beniouarain is 100% wool what means they will become softer in time. The rugs are handmade & the beni ouarain is known for having a double knot what makes them strong rugs for long use.

It's a timeless rug that can fit in a lot of interiors , matching any style of home.

 I can help you pick out the right rug straight from source. Also we can make a custome made order with your design and size.

 if you can't find the size or design you like please contact me and I will find what you look for




size: 2mx3m


What is the rug made of ? Material 100% wool

How do I know this is a real beni ouarain from Morocco ? Double knot 


Thick pile

High density